Original Vintage Linen Medical Anatomy Chart Cells & Tissues M Rohl Adam Rouilly & Co Circa 1950s

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Original Vintage Linen Medical Anatomy Chart Cells & Tissues M Rohl Adam Rouilly & Co Circa 1950s
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This is a original vintage linen backed medical chart showing cells & tissues as drawn by the German Anatomist  M. Rohl, Circa 1940/50s.

The Chart has the original retailers label attached, and reads - Sole Agents and Distributors for Great Britain, Eire and the Commonwealth ADAM, ROUILLY & Co. LTD HUMAN OSTEOLOGY, ANATOMY, etc., etc., 18 FITZROY STREET, FITZROY SQUARE, LONDON, W.1. Telephone : MUSEUM 2703. 

The Chart has wooden batons top and bottom, a full length string for hanging and rolls up when not in use with tie strings attached to hold together; the chart was used within medical schools and hospitals. This particular chart shows in the main image the make-up of a cell including the Centriole or central bodies, cell-body, nucleus of a cell, nuclear strain or basic strain and Nuclear carpuscle or nucleolus. The smaller oblong images show the following -

  • 1a) Cells of Pavement or Tessellated Epithelium
  • 1b) Pavement or Tessellated Epithelium
  • 2a) Left: Cilated Cell, Right : Goblet-cell or Chalice Cell
  • 2b) Cell tissue of a portion of Small Intestine
  • 3a) Gustatory Calycali or Taste-bud
  • 3b) Surface of the tongue with Gustatory Calycali or Taste-bud
  • 4a) Cells of Connective Tissue
  • 4b) Conective Tissue
  • 5a) Adipose Cell
  • 5b) Adipose Tissue
  • 6a) Cartilage Cell
  • 6b) Articular cartiliage
  • 7a) Bone Cell, Above: Longitudinal Section, Below: Transversection
  • 7b) Sclerous or Skeletal Tissue
  • 8a) Left: Bands or Striae passing transversely across Striped or Voluntary Muscular Fibres, Right: Clear Unstriped or Involuntary Muscular Fibres
  • 8b) Above: Skeletal Muscle, Below: Muscles of Abdominal Viscera
  • 9a) Nerve Cell or Neuron
  • 9b) Nervous Tissue

(Please see all Photos).

The Vintage Anatomy Chart measures 46" by 33" and is in Excellent Used Conditon, though there is small crease in the front of the chart close to the top (Please Refer to Photos).

There is a charge of £12.00 to all U.K. Residents (Other Courier), we will also ship Worldwide no problem but please email for quote prior to purchasing due to size. If you have any questions please feel free to contact!

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