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Recycling, Reusing and Reinventing (What we Stand For...)

Here at Retonthenet we strongly believe in recycling, with the use of products that have already been manufactured so therefore no further cost to the planet through production; on the point of production I am sure you have heard someone say "They don't make them like that anymore", well its true to all products, the reasoning is simple when a product or item is made for the first time it is usually made to best specifications possible to impress the marketplace, investors and purchasers, this quality is then lost as production is increased as manufacturing or production costs soar, which in turn can lead to the detailing being lost in some cases, but in most cases it is that new cheaper components or materials are used to soften the blow of the rising productions costs. We also shred all our unusable waste paper to use with packaging, though all purchases are also packed in bubble wrap first, the boxes and outer packaging are all recycled coming from local larger companies who have already used them for their purpose and instead of them being sent to recycling plants which also has it costs to the environment with the costs of transportation and reproduction costs we adapt and re-use them.

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Period Living Press Release from 2008

Many Thanks to Period Living Magazine for featuring us in their November Issue of 2008 and highlighting our Good Selection of Genuine Vintage Tins, to link to their site click on the magazine cover below -

Please note the two tins that were featured in the magazine sold within 2 weeks of the magazine hitting the shelf; Many Thanks again to the staff at Period Living Magazine.

Scottish Memories Magazine

Retonthenet are extremely proud to have contributed to Scottish Memories Magazine since July 2011 for more on Scottish Memories please click on any of the magazine covers below........

Using a Old Carrier Bag for Packaging

Here at Retonthenet we try to recycle all items even when packing the parcels, the photo below shows a parcel that was packed to go to a TV Studio in London, England; the product was first of all wrapped in layers of brand new bubble wrap (recycling bubble wrap is not recommended!) and then placed into a good strong recycled cardboard box which was finished with foam packaging and sealed. At the time of the sale London was suffering from some terrible weather including heavy rain and we did not want the parcel to get badly wet and possibly damage the contents within, this is usually solved with a grey mailer bag  available from packaging companies and used by catalogue companies to mail clothes out to customers; though on this occasion we had none left and the order was needed to go out asap (TV companies mostly require products Yesterday ;-) ) so we had a good look around and found a damaged 1970s Tommy Cooper 'Jus Like That' Soda Stream Carrier Bag which with some clever cuts and clear tape became a showerproof cover for the boxed product within, it was even laid on so that the image of Tommy Cooper and his famous catchprase sat perfectly in the left hand corner, please note the soda stream below the blanked address label.   

Note - The Address label has been blanked out for privacy!

I would like to thank all my customers past, present and future for making my dream of running a Vintage business come true as if it was not for you I would not have a business, I know this has been mentioned by myself before but it is something I truly believe in; No Customers - No Business.

All the Best Ret - Keep Vintage

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