Factice Perfume Bottles

Factice Perfume Bottles (Display Perfume Bottles) and Stands

This is a section dedicated to Display Perfume Bottle, Stands, Point of Sales, Signs and all other items of collectable/display interest from the 'Scent World'. The Perfume Bottles seen within this section are all Factices and Display Bottles and the solution within is just that with no real scent (perfume/aftershave) contained within any bottle within this section.

If you are requiring perfume/after shave to use then please click the image below, we have a nice selection of discontinued, vintage and post modern scents for sale  -

If you are here for Factices then please read on and continue to our fantastic selection of Factices from small through to a few Giant examples.

What is a  FACTICE (singular is pronounced fak-TEECE)

DEFINITION: "Fake!" But to be more precise, a factice is a bottle made for the purpose of display and not for general sale. It is considered to be a "dummy" instead of the real thing. Factices come in a variety of sizes from small to giant. Most collectors prefer the giant size though the smaller sizes have become popular with collectors with limited space as factices are made to short runs and can become highly prized collectibles and investments. Factices don't have real perfume or cologne in them (with a few rare exceptions); usually they are filled with a solution made to resemble the real perfume; an alcohol or formaldehyde mixture is usually used....this is handy when wanting to display in a bathroom/shop window as there is never a fear of ruining the scent within from the interaction of direct sunlight. The glass bottle itself is the same quality as the bottles filled with perfumes but the contents are not. Factices are advertising pieces. They make a grand statement displayed on your vanity or anywhere that you want to add a touch of style. Some examples have been re-purposed by our clients and been used as decanters, lamps, etc...