Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke
Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke
Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke
Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke
Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke

Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke

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Antique 1909 Vintage Cookery Book High Class Cookery Recipes 11th Edition by Mrs Charles Clarke

ITEM - 11th Edition High-Class Cookery Recipes by Mrs. Charles Clarke, Principal of the National Training School for Cookery, London, England, Dated 1909. Please read all of the description as it is quite long but very interesting, with all recipes and adverts listed completly!

TITLE - High Class Cookery Recipes 

AUTHOR - Mrs. Charles Clarke 

DATE - 1909

FORMAT - Hardback


1st EDITION (Y/N) - No (11th Edition)

PUBLISHED BY - William Clowes and Sons Limited of 23 Cockspur Street, London, England.

PRINTED BY - William Clowes and Sons Limited of 23 Cockspur Street, London, England

PAGES - 220 Page plus Index and 23 Black & White Advertisments including Fry's Pure Concentrated Cocoa, Davis Gas Cookers, etc... 

SIZE - 7.5" by 5"

CONDITION - A 11th Edition of this highly intresting book in Very Good Used Condition, some light foxing and marks to pages, boards rubbed mainlt to corners and edges (Please refer to Scans)!

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Stock - Consomme - Consomme a la Rachel - Consomme a la Royale - Consomme aux (Eufs Files - Consomme d'Orleans - Consomme a la Sevigne - Carrot Soup a la Crecy - Chicken Broth - Clear Mock Turtle and Egg Balls - Mulligatawny - Potage d'Oseille a la Parisienne - Kidney Soup - Garbure d'Oseille a la Parisienne - Kidney Soup - Potage aux Abatis - Potage a l'Americaine - Potage a la Bonne Femme - Potage Dupoise, or Mussel Soup - Potage aux Huitres - Potage aux Hollandaise - Potage a la Julienne - Potage a la Puree Lievre - Potage aux Queues de Boeuf - Potage Creme de Riz - Potage a la Tortue Fausse - Potage au Topioca - Potage a la Royale - Puree de Marrons - Puree de Navets - Puree d'Homard - Puree de Pommes de Terre - Puree a la Princesse - Puree des Pois Verts - Puree a la Palestine - Puree de Tomates - Puree de Choux de Bruxelles - Windsor Soup.


Bream or John Dory Pie - Cotelettes aux Huitres a la Creme - Darne de Turbot Parisienne - Dressed Mussels - Eel Pie - Filets de Cabillaud a la Normande - Filets de Rougets a l'Italienne - Filets de Soles a la Colbert - Filet de Dole a la Savoy - Fish Cakes - Homard a la St. Stephens - Lobster Cutlets - Lobster Soufflee - Matelotte of Eels - Oyster Souffle - Petites Soufflees d'Homard - Petites Fruites de Riviere a l'Isabelle - Scollops of Turbot - Slice of Salmon baked - Sole a la Maitre d'Hotel - Sole aux Fines Herbes - Sole au Gratin a la Anglaise (No.1) - Sole au Gratin (No.2) - Sole a la Bohemienne - Sole a la Portugaise - Sole a la Colbert - Sole a la Rouennaise - Sole a l'Hordy - Stewed Sole a la Gascogne - Souffle de Saumon -Stewed Eels - Stewed Oysters - Stewed Trout - Supreme de Crabe aux Tomate - Tartelettes a l'Indienne - To Warm up Perch - To Warm up Salmon - Water Souchy - Whitebait.


Curry Powder - Brown Curry (Beef) - Dry Curry - Fish Curry - Kebob Curry - Vegetable Curry - White Curry (Chicken) -Burdman of Fowl - Devilled Almonds - Devilled Lobster - Clear Mulligatawny - "Mollet" (Indian Breakfast Dish) - Pillau of Fowl.


Ailerons de Volaille a l'Indienne - Ailerons de Volaille a la Creole - Beef Olives - Bengal Curry - Bouches de Volaille a la St. James - Bouches a la Reine - Boudins a la Richelieu - Broiled Partridge - Calf's Head Pie - Cold Chicken Cutlets - Chaudfroid of Chicken (No.1) - Chaudfroid of Chicken (No.2) - Chaudfroid de Poulet en Kari - Chaudfroid of Larks or Quails - Chaudfroid Cotelettes - Chartreuse de Faisan - Chartreuse de Lievre - Chicken Casuala - Chicken Saute a la Marengo - Civet de Lievre - Cotelettes de Mouton a l'Ambassadrie - Creme de Volaille - Rissoles de Volaille - Cutlets a la Bretonne - Cutlets Chaudfroid a la Russe - Cutlets a l'Epicurienne - Cutlets a la Milanaise - Mutton Cutlets a la Provencale - Cutlets a la Rachel - Cutlets a la Reforme - Darioles de Volaille (Tartlettes of Chicken) - Mutton Cutlets a la Soubise - Cutlets a la Venetienne - Cutlets de Veau - Cotelettes Volaille a la Melba - Escallopes de Poulet a la Financiere - Fillets de Boeuf a la Bearnaise - Fillets de Boeuf a la Mirabeau - Fillets de Boeuf Pique a la Flamande - Fillets de Boeuf aux Huitres - Filets de Boeuf a la Pompadour - Filets de Boeuf a la Regence - Filets de Boeuf a la Russe - Filets de Faisan Farcis aux Epinards - Filets de Lievre a la Montpensier - Filets de Lievre a la St. Stephens - Filets de Veau a la Talleyrand - Fricandeau de Veau - Fricassee de Poulet - Game Pie - Galantine of Fowl - Gibelotte de Lapin - Grenadins de Veau - Grilled Steak a la Maitre d'Hotel - Jugged Hare - Forcemeat Balls - Kromeskis a la Russe - Mauviettes en Caisse a la Lucullus - Mauviettes a la Chipolata - Mayonnaise aux Huitres - Mayonnaise de Volaille - Minced Veal - Mousses de Faisan - Noisette de Mouton - Noisettes de Pre Sale a la Souvaroff - Noix de Boeuf a la Chipolata - Ox Palates a la Financiere - Compote de Pigeons - Pigeons de Bordeaux a la Bourgeoise - Pigeons a la Duchesse - Pigeons a la Financiere - Pigeons a la Mazarin - Poulet Frit a la Villeroi - Poulet a la Jeannette - Poulet a la Princesse - Cailles a la Lucullus - Cailles Poelees a l'Anglaise - Quenelles of Veal - Ris de Veau a l'Italienne - Ris de Veau a la Supreme - Rognons a l'Epicurienne - Rognons aux Croutes - Croquettes a la Victoria - Soufflee de Perdrix - Soufflee de Volaille - Salmi of Cold Wild Duck - Stewed Steak a la Russe - Supreme de Faisan a la Beaufort - Timbales a la Moelle de Boeuf - Timbales de Volaille (No.1) - Timbales de Volaille (No.2) - Tendrons de Veau a la Tartare - Tendrons de Veau a la Villeroi - Tete de Veau en Tortue - Vol au Vent a la Toulouse - Filling for Oyster Parties.


Espagnole - Supreme Sauce (or Veloute) - Bechamel Sauce - Sauce Allemande - Bearnaise Sauce - Bombay Sauce (No.1) - Bombay Sauce for Ham or Roast Hare (No.2) - Bread Sauce - Sauce Aigre-Douce - Sauce a l'Ambassadrice - Sauce a la Cardinal - Sauce Chaudfroid Blanche -  Sauce Chaudfroid Blond - Sauce Chaudfroid Verte - Celery Sauce - Sauce Cumerland - Sauce Demi-glace - Finaciere Sauce - German Sauce - Sauce Hollandaise (No.1) - Sauce Hollandaise (No.2) - Horse radish Sauce - Sauce Italienne - Lobster Sauce - Mayonnaise Sauce - Mushroom Sauce -Oyster Sauce - Sauce Piquante - Sauce Suedoise - Poivrade Sauce - Sauce Reforme - Soubise Sauce - Sauce Verte -  Tartare Sauce - Sauce Tomate - Wine Sauce - Brandy Sauce - Custard Sauce.


To boil a York Ham - To boil an Ox Tongue - Bolied Pheasant - Boiled Turkey and Oyster Stuffing - Braized Ox Tongue - Shoulder of Mutton Stuffed and Braized - Lark Pudding - Partridge Pudding - Poulet en Casserole.


Asparagus - Jerusalem Artichokes a l'Italienne - Brussels Sprouts - Champignons Grilles - French Beans a la Maitre d'Hotel - Haricots panaches a la Maitre d'Hotel - Plain Salad - Pommes de Terre a l'Anna - Soufle Potatoes - Pommes Chateux - Potato Scollops - Potato Croquettes - Potato Chips - Salade a la Caroline - Salade a la Russe - Salade de Tomate a la Creme - Salade a la Waldorf - Seakale - Spinach - Stewed Celery - Tomates a la Francaise - Tomates eu Feuilletage - Young Carrots.


Anchovy Toast - Anchovy Sandwichs - Angels on Horseback - Aspic Jelly - Birds' Nest - Canapes a la Fife - Canapes aux Olives - Canapes de Laitance - Cassolettes a l'Albany - Cassolettes a la Chasseur - Cassolettes of Potato - Cassolettes of Rice - Chouflour au Gratin - Cheese Aigrettes - Cheese d'Artois - Chesse Soufflee - Cheese Tartlets - Choux Marin au Parmesan - Cold Cheese Soufflee - Cotelettes au Fromage - Creme au Parmesan en Caisse - Croustades - Croutes a la Alsacienne - Croutes a la Bernadotte - Croutes au Fromage - Croutes de Me.luche Fume - Croutes de Fromage Glaces - Homard a la Creme - Huitres a la St. James - Gauffres aux Parmesan - Macaroni a l'Americaine - Macaroni Rossini - Mushroom Farcies - OEufs a l'Aurore - OEufs a Suisse - OEufs Farcies a la Russe - OEufs Farcies a la Provencale - Oysters a la St. Patrick - Petits Nids en Surprise - Ravioli a l'Italienne - Sardines a la Pietmontaise - Savoury Cream - Scotch Eggs - Smoked Salmon - Soufflee de Merluche Fume - Timbales of Haddock a la Genoise - Tomates Farcies au Gratin - Cassolettes de Saumon.


Cheese Pastry - Flaky Crust - Genose Pastry - Petits Choux - Puff Paste - Rough Puff - Short Crust - Vol-au-Vent de Pommes a la Reine.


Cheese Omlet - Kidney Omlet - Oyster Omlet - Savoury Omlet - Sweet Omlet - Tomato Omlet - Omlet Souffle.


Amber Pudding - Alexandra Pudding - Brown Bread Pudding - Baked Lemon Pudding - Cabinet Pudding - Caramel Pudding - Cocoanut Pudding - Conservative Pudding - Fig Pudding - Plum Pudding - Pineapple Soufflee - Raspberry Pudding - Semolina Pudding - Mince Meat - Vennoise Pudding - Vanilla Soufflee - West Riding Pudding.


Apricot Cream - Coffee Cream - Gateau de Riz - Ginger Cream - Italian Cream - Neopolitian Cream - Pineapple Cream - Rice Cream - Strawberry Cream - Creme Waflen auz Fraises - Vanilla Cream - Velvet Cream - Apple Jelly - Aspic Jelly from Calves' feet - Aspic Jelly from French Gellatine - Claret Jelly - Orange Jelly - Punch Jelly - Wine Jelly from Calves' Feet - Wine Jelly from French Gellatine - Brown Bread Iced Souffle - Iced Coffee - Syrup for Cream Ices - Iced Souffle with Maraschino - Biscuits Glaces en Caisses - Ice Pudding - Lemon Water Ice - Omlet Glace en Surprise - Mousse Parfait au Cafe - Pineapple Water Ice - Tomato Water Ice - Strawberry Cream Ice - Glace Nesselrode - Strawberry Fool - Cold Cabinet Pudding - Charlotte Russe - Chartreuse of Oranges - Tarlettes a la Chocolat  - Custard - Diplomatic Pudding - Gateaux a l'Africaine - Gateau de Prunes - Jubilee Pudding - Marguerites - Meringues - Pouding a l'Orleans - Princess Pudding  or Cold Soufflee - Riz a l'Imperatice - Spanish Soufflee - Souffle Frappe a la Marguerite - Souffle a la Milannaise - Gelee de Fruits a la Merechale - Fruit Salad.


Arrowroot Cake - Brioche - Carraway Seed Cake - Cocoanut Buns - Chocolate Cake - Galettes - Genoa Cake - German Pound Cake - Lemon Cheese Cakes - Luncheon Cake - Maderia Cake - Mocha Cake - Orange Cake - Queen Cakes - Rich Plum Cake - Savarin - Baba au Rhum - Sponge Cake - Almond Paste - Cake Icing - Chocolate  Icing - Sultanna Cake - Vienna Bread - Walnut Cake


Bonthron & Co. Ltd (Brown Bread Specialist) of Regent Street, London - Robinson's 'Patent' Barley in Powder Form by Keen, Robinson & Co. Ltd., London, "Atora" Beef Suet, Lemco Beef Drink, Adams & Son Manufacturing & Furnishing Ironmongers, Lidstone & Co., Butchers of Sloane Street, London, Davis Gas Cookers and Frys Pure Concentrated Cocoa.

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